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Social Security

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SSI is a needs-based benefit for those who may not have worked or who worked for only a short period of time. SSI is supplemental security income for people who have limited income and assets. The amount of SSI you can receive is a set amount that changes yearly based on the maximum federal benefit rate.


The standards of proof to qualify for SSI are the same as those for SSDI and applicants must meet certain asset guidelines. SSI provides disability benefits for people who do not have enough work history to qualify for SSDI benefits.


When you apply for SSI, Social Security will review your income level. The income requirements for SSI can be confusing. Contact an experienced attorney to help  determine your eligibility for any Social Security benefit program.


Denise E. Murray is a highly experienced Pennsylvania Social Security lawyer who has helped many people receive the benefits they deserve. She knows how important it is for you to be successful and will work tirelessly to get your benefits as quickly as possible.

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Supplemental Security Income